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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Why an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

One of the initial steps after setting a wedding date is to choose the perfect venue. It's not just any location that can conjure the enchantment you desire. This intimate space is where you will pledge your everlasting love. The ideal venue goes beyond mere aesthetics; it should enable you to host your dream wedding while respecting your budget. This is why an all-inclusive wedding venue is an excellent choice.

The Role of a Design Team at Your Wedding Venue

The task of planning a wedding extends beyond just securing a venue. While the average wedding venue costs around $6,000 and may include basics like tables and chairs, most do not offer comprehensive design and décor. An all-inclusive venue provides the significant benefit of having a space that is professionally designed and decorated. This setup allows couples to work directly with professional designers to bring their unique vision to life without incurring additional design fees.

Wedding Venue

Hiring a wedding planner to orchestrate your dream wedding can set you back between $5,000 and $10,000, a significant portion of many wedding budgets. Opting for an all-inclusive wedding venue that features an in-house design team not only alleviates these costs but also provides personalized consultations with designers and planners to select the perfect elements for your storybook ending. Such a venue comes equipped with a vast array of décor options—including napkins, linens, overlays, runners, chargers, and sophisticated centerpieces—which can save you thousands. Picture having access to an array of elegant candelabras, vintage manzanita trees, tall floating candles, lanterns, and floral arrangements to choose from.

Cocktail Hour

Your special day deserves the elegance of a cocktail hour. Unlike other venues that simply provide the space, an all-inclusive venue delivers comprehensive service with banquet staff to circulate hors d'oeuvres and manage non-alcoholic drinks. Outsourcing such services could cost hundreds, whereas an all-inclusive venue includes these at no extra charge. Moreover, while hiring a bartender typically costs between $300 and $500, an all-inclusive venue provides skilled bartenders to expertly handle, chill, and serve alcoholic beverages, helping you keep within your budget.

Wedding Venue

Ceremony and Reception at Your Wedding Venue

An all-inclusive wedding venue seamlessly transitions your event from the ceremony to the reception, featuring lavish chandeliers, elegant furnishings, and stylish Chiavari chairs for seating. At such venues, everything needed for a stunning reception is provided—including fine china, plates, water glasses, champagne flutes, silverware, chafing dishes, serving utensils, platters, Sterno fire pots, salad bowls, bread baskets, and all the necessary accents for a flawless buffet. Choosing an all-inclusive venue not only elevates the aesthetic of your event but also saves you thousands of dollars in rental fees and coordination hassles.

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda offers a comprehensive all-inclusive wedding package, complete with a professional design team dedicated to weaving every element of your chosen theme into a beautifully decorated and fully staffed venue. Explore all the reasons to host your dream wedding at Crystal Ballroom at Veranda. We invite you to be our guest for a complimentary VIP tour of this enchanting wedding venue, available either in-person or through a virtual video tour.


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