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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Planning the First Dance

First Dance

Incorporating the First Dance into Your Schedule

Scheduling your first dance at the ideal time within your wedding agenda is crucial. You may be pondering the best moment for it. Typically, the first dance is held after the meal and cake-cutting ceremony. However, the flow of your reception may vary based on the sequence of events you've arranged. Certain couples opt for a grand entrance at the reception, immediately transitioning to a captivating and meticulously choreographed dance at the center of the dance floor.

First Dance

Preparing for Your First Dance

Not everyone is a born ballroom dancer, yet the first dance often ignites a desire for that level of grace and skill. There was a time when ballroom dancing was a standard part of education, embodying sophistication and elegance. While your celebration may lean towards contemporary tunes and dance moves, opening with a classic ballroom number can offer a delightful surprise for your guests. To achieve a seamlessly choreographed performance, dance lessons might be in order. These lessons, though an investment of time, money, and commitment, are invaluable for perfecting your moment. Engaging a dance instructor not only aids in selecting your song but also in crafting a dance that's uniquely yours. This journey is not just about mastering steps; it's a chance to connect and create joyous memories amidst the whirlwind of wedding planning.

Selecting the Ideal Song

The quest for the ideal first dance song requires contemplation, unless a particular love song already holds deep meaning for your relationship. Collaboration with your dance instructor and wedding DJ or band is key to aligning the music with your dance's requirements. The rhythm of the song will directly influence your dance moves and style — for instance, a country song might not complement a tango routine. Beyond just the dance style, the song's lyrics play a crucial role; the significance of the words should resonate with the occasion, steering clear of any tunes that might carry inappropriate themes, like breakups. Start by filtering songs based on their rhythm and genre, then refine your selection to those that carry the right emotional tone for your special first dance.

First Dance

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda offers an opulent setting for weddings, complete with comprehensive packages that include first dance lessons, ensuring your celebration is nothing short of a fairy tale. Embark on the journey to your ideal wedding with our expert designers and planners, and enhance your first dance with tailored lessons designed to boost your confidence and skill. Experience a day of perfection with our unparalleled designs and services. Collaborate with our professional team in the design studio to select your ideal color scheme, floral arrangements, and centerpieces. With the industry's best at your side, prepare to make a grand entrance into a ballroom tailor-made for your unforgettable moments.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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