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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Tips for Planning Small Weddings

The current trend towards smaller weddings allows couples to weave their fairy tale in a cozier, more personal setting. Opting for a small wedding doesn't mean forgoing the splendor and sophistication of a larger celebration. It's about crafting an intimate experience with a select group of guests, in a venue that feels full and lively, regardless of its size. These venues are expertly designed to accommodate smaller gatherings, ensuring that your cherished, intimate ceremony feels complete and perfect.

When planning a small wedding, it's crucial to define what 'small' means for you. Remember, the size of the guest list doesn't diminish the richness of the experience. It's about the scale of the event and the people you choose to include in your special moment. The definition of a small wedding varies, as it's subjective and based on individual preferences. For some, it may mean a gathering of just parents, immediate family, and a handful of close friends, while for others, a guest list of 50 might still feel intimate.

The choice of a wedding venue is pivotal in realizing your vision of an intimate ceremony. Look for venues that come with in-house designers, capable of tailoring both large and small spaces to suit any wedding size. It's advisable to explore these venues, either through in-person tours or virtual walkthroughs, to gather design inspiration and to better envision your day. Securing your venue early ensures your preferred date is available. Opting for an all-inclusive venue with a design team can offer significant savings, helping you to create a beautifully cohesive ceremony and reception. In a small wedding, the depth of design and the richness of the experience are not compromised; they're simply concentrated in a more personal, intimate setting.

Small Weddings are Affordable

The affordability of small weddings is a key factor in their growing popularity. When considering the expenses of renting a venue, hiring a designer, staffing services, and décor, the cost of an average-sized wedding can align with the national average of around $30,000. However, many couples are actively seeking ways to minimize expenses, and opting for a smaller wedding with fewer guests can be an effective solution. A reduced guest count naturally leads to lower costs across various aspects of the event. Whether planning a grand or modest affair, choosing an all-inclusive wedding venue can further enhance the affordability of your special day.

The term "all-inclusive" refers to a package that encompasses the venue and essential services in a single, comprehensive price. These venues often maintain partnerships with various vendors, providing access to professional services at more affordable rates. Opting for a smaller wedding not only helps in keeping your budget in check but also allows for the allocation of funds to other important elements of your wedding, such as a dream dress or high-quality photography. In essence, small weddings offer the unique advantage of celebrating your love without overextending your budget, allowing for a memorable day that emphasizes intimacy and personalization.

Small Weddings at Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda stands out as an all-inclusive wedding venue that specializes in crafting small, intimate weddings tailored to each couple's unique vision. With a skilled in-house design team at the helm, the venue takes the stress out of planning by handling every detail, from creating a cozy ceremony space to arranging seating, designing the ballroom, and staging décor. Their expertise extends to the finer aspects as well, such as setting tables with fine china and tying chair sashes, ensuring that every element of your dream wedding is meticulously brought to life.

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