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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

Wedding at Crystal Ballroom

Congratulations on getting engaged and beginning your wedding planning journey! This brings us to one of the most asked questions about getting married. How much does a wedding cost? While this question is the same for most, the answer is something very different for everyone. There is a way to have an extravagant wedding on a tiny budget with all-inclusive wedding venues. Let’s review the trending cost of weddings in each state, as reported by USA Today, and then dream a little to answer this big question for you.

How Much Does a Wedding Cost in Each State?

  • Alabama $17,766

  • Alaska $35,401

  • Arizona $22,338

  • Arkansas $17,935

  • California $32,770

  • Colorado $28,590

  • Connecticut $36,971

  • Delaware $28,970

  • Florida $21,842

  • Georgia $22,589

  • Hawaii $39,078

  • Idaho $20,724

  • Illinois $26,700

  • Indiana $22,090

  • Iowa $23,669

  • Kansas $23,090

  • Kentucky $18,223

  • Louisiana $19,977

  • Maine $26,780

  • Maryland $34,503

  • Massachusetts $36,709

  • Michigan $21,850

  • Minnesota $28,132

  • Mississippi $15,581

  • Missouri $20,951

  • Montana $21,179

  • Nebraska $23,798

  • Nevada $23,008

  • New Hampshire $35,300

  • New Jersey $38,049

  • New Mexico $18,954

  • New York $35,477

  • North Carolina $20,950

  • North Dakota $27,494

Wedding at Crystal Ballroom
  • Ohio $22,026

  • Oklahoma $21,475

  • Oregon $26,605

  • Pennsylvania $29,891

  • Rhode Island $32,090

  • South Carolina $20,846

  • South Dakota $22,854

  • Tennessee $19,101

  • Texas $25,327

  • Utah $27,953

  • Vermont $31,250

  • Virginia $30,197

  • Washington $30,629

  • West Virginia $18,468

  • Wisconsin $24,681

  • Wyoming $27,003

Wedding at Crystal Ballroom

How Much Does a Wedding Cost at an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue?

While states like Hawaii and New Jersey seem to compete for the highest average cost of a wedding, it appears that getting married in southern states is more affordable. Florida ranks a lower average of $21,842. This might be one of the major reasons why Florida hosts so many destination weddings each year, aside from the beautiful weather, resorts and beaches. The wedding of your dreams is a reality at all-inclusive wedding venues like Crystal Ballroom at Veranda. So how much does a wedding cost at Crystal Ballroom?

Renting the Wedding

Renting a wedding sounds like an impossibility, but it is actually a way that brides are making their dream wedding possible at a cost below the nations average. Imagine your own designer coordinating and creating every element of your theme with napkins, linens, sashes, runners, overlays, chargers, votives, and centerpieces at the location of your dreams with a price tag you can afford. The elegant Crystal Ballroom at Veranda includes the complete design and staging of your wedding from ceremony to reception. Meet with in-house designers to plan the wedding of your dreams in a simple process. Crystal Ballroom also facilitates connections between couples and trusted vendors to make creating your wedding effortless and affordable.


Suneson, Grant. “The Average Wedding Costs More than $25,000. What's the Price Tag in Your State?” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 26 Sept. 2018,


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