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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Choosing a Commitment Ceremony?

Commitment Ceremony

Not every relationship requires a court seal or written contract to make it meaningful and valid to each other and others. Each couple chooses to celebrate and recognize their relationship uniquely. A commitment ceremony is becoming a popular trend. There are many reasons why some couples are choosing to skip the courthouse and still have the wedding of their dreams with a commitment ceremony.

A commitment ceremony and a wedding ceremony are similar in the way they bring a couple to center stage to publicly profess their undying love for each other, pledge their commitment to their relationship and declare promises forevermore. The differences between a commitment ceremony and wedding ceremony do not diminish or increase the value of either choice. What is the difference? The laws that govern legal marriages in every state and give rights to the spouses joined in a legal marriage make the difference. Everyone wants their relationship to attain the highest status possible, and for some, obtaining legal status is it. But not for everyone.

Choosing a Legal Marriage

Some choose a legal marriage over a commitment ceremony because of tradition and that legal status that gives them certain legal rights. The law generally works to the benefit of married couples when it comes to property rights, medical decisions, rights to children and some tax matters. However, there can be certain factors related to college financial aid, social security benefits and other financial matters that would not benefit couples choosing to file their marriage legally with a court. For LGBT couples, there was a long battle for equality and to be recognized by law and community. The changes in laws related to same sex marriages created a large number of legal wedding ceremonies to meet the celebration of a victory. Whether you choose a legal marriage or a commitment ceremony is a personal choice based upon your unique relationship and situation.

Planning a Commitment Ceremony

Planning a commitment ceremony is not much different than planning a wedding ceremony. Couples choose a venue to create the magic of their celebration just the same. They pick a date and send out invitations. They create a registry, and shop for wedding dresses and attire. They both involve walking the aisle, vowing to your true love, an exchange of rings, tossing a bouquet, toasting to your relationship, cutting a cake, enjoying good food and celebrating with music and entertainment. Most couples planning a commitment ceremony will also hold similar events prior to the big day, such as a bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner.

Commitment Ceremony

Officiant and Vows

While you will plan your commitment ceremony like any wedding ceremony, you will plan your vows a little differently. The officiant at a wedding ceremony helps couples obtain their marriage license, and they are responsible for making the marriage legal and filing the document with the court. If you are planning a commitment ceremony, inform your officiant of the type of ceremony you would like to have. The officiant will help you make your ceremony unique and meaningful. Most officiants can assist you with the creation of your vows, and can usually create the ceremony in a way that your guests will not even be aware that you chose a commitment ceremony over a wedding ceremony.

Commitment Ceremony

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

If you are searching for the perfect venue to create your dream commitment ceremony, choose Crystal Ballroom at Veranda, an all-inclusive venue with a professional design team to incorporate all the details of your theme into your perfect moment. With an all-inclusive venue, all of the tables, décor, fine china and the complete design and decoration of every guest table, main tables, and ceremony space are all included. Crystal Ballroom at Veranda is an all-inclusive venue with an in-house design team and planners dedicated to creating the commitment ceremony and reception of your dreams.


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