A Weekday Wedding has Advantages

Weekday Wedding

We do not normally reach into a bag of fate and pull out a magical day for our wedding. A wedding day is usually well thought out and is tied to a date with meaning, such as an anniversary. Tradition tells us we have to have that Saturday or Sunday afternoon affair. When the significant date does not fall on the weekend, couples will delay their wedding to a year it does or sacrifice their date for another. Trends suggest that you can forget all tradition and reap numerous benefits of a weekday wedding.

Wedding Day with a Special Date

Your wedding day is a day of great importance. It might be the same as your anniversary, a first kiss or the date of engagement. All the reasons that placed that special date on your calendar of memories are what make it so special. What happens when the day falls on a weekday? Having that special wedding day somewhere between Monday and Friday might actually be to your advantage for many reasons. Being able to have your wedding on your special date is one of the most important benefits that a weekday wedding provides.

Advantages of a Weekday Wedding

There are advantages to a weekday wedding. A weekday wedding can provide pretty attractive savings that can make it beyond worth it. Surveys suggest that most wedding venues have significantly reduced rates during the week. Wedding vendors can also provide additional savings on weekdays. This means your photography might be cheaper and your entertainment could cost you less. The reasoning could be associated with availability, since there are more weekdays than weekend days. This brings us to flexibility with dates. Since wedding venues and vendors have more availability for a weekday wedding, there are scheduling advantages. Having a weekday wedding can place your special day on a timeline that offers travel savings as well, for the wedding day and the honeymoon getaway.

Weekday Wedding

Changing the Wedding Day

Some couples are faced with circumstances that require them to postpone their wedding day and reschedule. When this happens, they find themselves grasping for dates on a calendar with slim pickings. There are more weekdays than weekend days, which creates more possibilities for rescheduling the wedding day. When couples want to reschedule in the same year, a weekday wedding can be a simple solution.

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

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