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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

5 Things to Have at Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

With so many things to plan, it is very easy to leave out some of the details. The average wedding checklist will act as a guiding compass through the wedding planning process; however, if you are looking for the little ideas to make the moment absolutely perfect, look no further. These ideas should help you plan the perfect wedding celebration at your wedding venue.

Videographer at Your Wedding Venue

While you will probably have photography to capture every moment, there is something beyond the still images that reach into the memories you store. Videography will allow you to relive the moment and retell the story forevermore, just as it occurred on your magical day. A cinematic production with your picturesque wedding venue in the background is an absolute must have.

A Bridal Suite

A bridal suite at your wedding venue is a completely necessary amenity. Suite accommodations for the bride and the wedding party are part of what makes the wedding day so magical. This is the space within the wedding venue that allows for private moments behind the scenes with the bridal party before taking that huge journey down the aisle to the next big step. This is a space for hair, makeup, and stepping into the perfect dress.

Bridal Suite at Your Wedding Venue

Dancing on a Cloud

You will definitely want the experience and all the magic of dancing on a cloud at your wedding venue. This romantic trend places the bride and groom on cloud effects during the first dance as a married couple. You will create unforgettable picture perfect moments as you twirl into your lovers arms. If you want to create the fairy tale, have dancing on a cloud effects at your wedding venue.

Dancing on a Cloud at Your Wedding Venue

A Food Manager at Your Wedding Venue

A food manager manages the cuisine, desserts, appetizers and banquet staff to coordinate a fine dining experience. Everything from temperature to portioning is controlled to ensure quality. Appetizers and delicious hors d’oeuvres are butler passed. Food is served according to your unique timeline. A food manager avoids embarrassing mishaps from disorganized food service, and sloppy timing and portion control issues. The more guests, the more important a food manager becomes. Go above and beyond catering and add a food manager to your wedding venue.

A Day of Event Coordinator

While the wedding planner manages the plan, a day of event coordinator handles all the logistics on the day of the event so that the plan comes together smoothly within the wedding venue. A day of event coordinator meets with couples in discussions leading up to the wedding to review the timeline and overall vision of the dream. They coordinate the movement of the wedding party and guests. All aspects of the ceremony and reception are managed to ensure everyone is seated according to assignment, gifts are arranged, food services are managed, toasting and speeches are organized, and the first dance is coordinated the way you imagined.

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda Wedding Venue

Create your dream wedding at Crystal Ballroom at Veranda. The everything included concept will save you thousands on planning your fairy tale. Services include an in-house design team to decorate the entire ceremony space and reception ballroom, a bartender, banquet staff, tables, chairs, chinaware, charger plates, linens, draperies and designs. Hand select your centerpieces, colors and accent pieces to create your dream wedding come true. The concierge wedding planning service designs your wedding venue the way you imagine it.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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