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Writing Wedding Vows

The moment has come to write those powerful and meaningful words that you will recite to your true love on your wedding day. Some of us sit in the hesitation or simply get caught up in the planning and sidestep writing wedding vows until the very last minute. Never underestimate the time writing wedding vows demands. Even a professional writer should sit down to write feeling into those special words. The words should gush with sentiment, and create a forever memory. These pointers will help you write the language of love into your vows with confidence.

Writing Wedding Vows with Strategy

Writing wedding vows requires a little strategy, much like everything else ever written. However, this piece will be different from anything ever written before. You have the task of writing wedding vows that are unique in all the ways that your relationship, love and partner are beautifully different. This type of writing demands an outline. Forget brainstorming on paper with connected bubbles, because creating this outline involves something some fun!

Spend a romantic date with your true love, and take mental notes along the way. Fall in love all over again, and remember the spark that made it all happen. Think about how you first met and everything that brought you to the moment. Interact, share meaningful conversation and ideas, and make the moment a playful experience that is filled with romance and flirtatious glances. Pay attention as each moment brings back memories while taking you through new experiences together.

Your strategy should include:

  • An Opening. You should have an attention grabber that will steal the attention of all in the room, including the heart of your true love.

  • Credibility. You should have a couple lines that will build credibility with a personal touch, such as a personal story about the moment you knew it was love. Your words will build to a peak where you will make your promises. The promises are always the most important part of it all, but they cannot exist without the foundation to support it.

  • Promises. This is where you will make all the promises to love, honor and cherish forevermore.

  • Closure. This is the happily ever after section that should include a powerful closing line.

Writing Wedding Vows with Cadence

Writing wedding vows with a rhythm and pace is all about bringing those mental notes to the forefront and finding three things, and one more for closure. Why three? Three is a magical number for writing, especially for writing wedding vows. You will create a rhythm and cadence to your writing with three words. A longer sentence of closure will follow to complete the sequence and create the time in your written work. Just make it meaningful, powerful and memorable. Fore example, I love the way you selflessly put others before yourself, the way you add laughter to every moment, and that safety found in your arms. But most of all, I love that I get to spend the rest of my life making happily ever after with you.

Writing Wedding Vows with Sincerity

Writing wedding vows with sincerity involves a personal story that makes it meaningful. Bedazzle them with words, but make it real. Tell them how you fell into a bottomless pit of limerence all the way to the depths of love, but tell them why. Talk about the personal moments that strengthened you, without airing your not so fresh laundry before you guests of honor. Make it an intimate moment. You are writing wedding vows that are meant to be spoken. Remember you need to rip them from the page and be able to speak them with the right intonation, pauses and breaks. Notate all the verbal cues in your text, and practice it to the point it is spoken and not read.

Writing wedding vows with sincerity is not just about creating an emotionally triggered literary piece. This is where you are building your credibility for the promises you are about to make. Give it all the fluff, but make it real or nothing at all. This is where they will gain trust in the promises that are to follow.

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