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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Inspiration for Wedding Centerpieces

Floral Elements in Wedding Centerpieces

Floral elements are a staple in wedding centerpieces, enhancing the overall look whether they're arranged in vases, baskets, or intertwined with candelabras. The choice of flowers should harmonize with the wedding's color scheme and theme, serving as ideal accent pieces. The type of flower selected can significantly influence the ambiance of the space. For instance, red roses exude sophistication and romance, creating a deeply passionate atmosphere. In contrast, sunflowers bring a cheerful, rustic charm. Selecting the right flower is key to setting the desired mood and tone for your special day.

Floriography: The Secret Language of Flowers

Flowers have long been recognized as a silent, yet expressive language. During the Victorian era, this was so pronounced that each flower held a specific meaning, enabling people to communicate secret messages through what was known as Floriography. Each species, color, and shade of flower carried its own symbolism, and when combined, they could form meaningful messages. While the choice of wedding flowers today may not primarily focus on conveying specific messages, the inherent symbolism behind each bloom remains timeless. Selecting flowers for your wedding centerpieces can be a way to subtly communicate your unique message or sentiment.

Candelabra Centerpieces for Weddings

Candelabra centerpieces bring a sense of drama and elegance to any wedding. Their varying heights and styles can significantly influence the ambiance of your event. Tall candelabras lend a formal and sophisticated touch, while those with metallic finishes exude a European elegance. Crystal or transparent acrylic candelabras add a modern, refined feel and can create an illusion of flowers floating in the air. The height of these centerpieces plays a crucial role in defining the dramatic impact within the space, especially in large ballrooms with multiple tables, where they can create a canopy-like effect. The choice of flowers used with candelabras also contributes to setting the overall mood of the room.

Tailoring Candelabra Centerpieces to Your Theme

Your chosen theme can significantly guide the selection of candelabra centerpieces. For a Parisian-themed wedding, consider using black candelabras adorned with pink flowers. A 1920s Gatsby-inspired celebration could feature gold and black candelabras, enhanced with feathers and draped in stringed pearls. For a 'Beauty and the Beast' motif, opt for gold candelabra wedding centerpieces with tall, elegant candles. The theme you choose will invariably influence the style of your wedding centerpieces.

Accenting with Candles

Candle centerpieces bring a romantic ambiance to table settings. Often used as complementary elements to larger pieces, smaller candles can be placed in quaint jars or vases, scattered around other arrangements for a cozy effect. For a unique touch, consider using candles to accentuate a bare manzanita tree, with votive holders suspended from its branches, creating an enchanting illusion of floating flames. Candles are versatile accents for wedding centerpieces, available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit virtually any theme.

Vase Centerpieces for Weddings

Like candelabras, vase wedding centerpieces can also dramatically alter the style, mood, and theme of your wedding. Tall, clear vases can be elegantly filled with water to float candles or brimming with flowers that complement your theme. Available in various sizes and dimensions, vase centerpieces can either stand alone as a focal point or be used in conjunction with other table décor to create a harmonious look.

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

At the Crystal Ballroom at Veranda, we excel in creating exquisite wedding centerpieces. Collaborate with our team of expert designers and planners to coordinate the elements of your table settings. Choose from our wide range of options, including napkins, linens, overlays, runners, and chargers, along with our stunning array of elegant wedding centerpieces. Our selection features beautiful candelabras, whimsical vintage manzanita trees, elegant tall floating candles, charming lanterns, and lavish floral arrangements, all designed to infuse your celebration with the essence of romance. The Crystal Ballroom experience encompasses the complete design and decoration of guest tables, main tables, the ceremony space, and every small detail that makes your wedding venue truly magical.

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