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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Want a Disney Wedding?

Disney Wedding Inspired Theme

If you have been dreaming of the Disney wedding and searching for the less expensive theme, we are here to help your dreams of magic come true. Walk the aisle like a princess beneath crystal chandeliers in a ballroom designed just for you. Wear your ballgown and experience the fairy tale with your very own personal wedding designer in an all-inclusive wedding venue. Does it all sound like a dream? Keep reading to learn the secret to having the Disney wedding inspired theme you really want.

Planning a Disney Wedding Inspired Theme

If you truly want the Disney magic found in the fairy tale, you will discover it somewhere in the heart of imagination at a Crystal Ballroom wedding venue. Walt had a way of waking up the magic of imagination, and it was so powerful that so many brides today imagine a princess wedding story. While many brides dream of Cinderella’s romantic castle, most of us need to use imagination and create the dream elsewhere. Your princess story is full of magic, and designers are here to help you tell it in the castle you deserve.

Disney Wedding Inspired Theme

The Wedding Dress

It is usually recommended that a bride book the venue before choosing the details of the wedding, like the wedding dress. However, a Disney princess gives us the image of a dress for the inspiration for everything else. Whether you imagine Cinderella or Belle, think about your vision for a dress that will bring your princess story to life. Wedding dresses do not need to be the traditional white. If you dream of a light hue of yellow or blue, go for it. Disney princesses usually have a ballgown. And the ballgown is a silhouette that makes every bride look like a princess. You do not need to become overwhelmed with a project that involves making an exact replica of the dress from the cartoon or a motion picture. The dress should have something original that makes it unique. Do not get lost in the process of telling the fairy tale. Try to convey the Disney wedding inspired theme in the subtle details and embellishments, while telling your story too.

Disney Wedding Inspired Theme

Choosing a Venue for a Disney Wedding Inspired Theme

Your princess story requires an enchanting ballroom fit for a princess. Imagine dancing with your prince charming beneath oversized crystal chandeliers until the stroke of midnight. Securing a venue with a canvas comparable to the dreamy edifice from a Disney story isn’t an easy feat, unless it’s a Crystal Ballroom venue. The all-inclusive venue includes elegant furnishings, extravagant décor and extraordinary staff services. Bring your Disney wedding inspired theme to life, and wrap your ceremony in the magic at Crystal Ballroom.

Designing a Disney Wedding Inspired Theme

Design your Disney wedding inspired theme to absolute perfection with a master design team at your service and dedicated to the creation of your fairy tale. Explore a treasure trove of décor and choose from exclusive designs for your ceremony and reception space. Select your linens, centerpieces, floral arrangements and fine china to set a table for kings, queens, and every princess in attendance. Consult with the professional designers and choose your dramatic wedding colors and accent designs. Invite your guests to a ballroom designed for your love story, and the footman will greet them at the door.

Disney Wedding Inspired Theme

The Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake should be an epic masterpiece of delicious details that tastefully conveys your theme. It will be on display in a grand ballroom where it will be central to the entire theme. Dream up sky blue fondant with pink and blue roses, gold piping and a white overlay of filigree, and a clock inching towards midnight or imagine an enchanted rose atop a tower of deep blue fondant and all the lovely elements from Belle’s magical story. A Disney wedding inspired theme comes to life with a whimsical wedding cake design.

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Not just any wedding venue will create the magic of a Disney wedding inspired theme. It must possess the grandeur of a palace with all of its elegance and magnificence. Envision crystal chandeliers and elegant décor in a ballroom designed just for you. The Crystal Ballroom brings the fairy tale to life with master designers and elegant décor. Every detail of your love story is customized to match your vision. Excite your magic and create your rendition of a Disney wedding at Crystal Ballroom at Veranda.


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Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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