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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Tips for Designing Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Wedding planning involves designing a wedding venue to match the dream. Some couples choose an empty space that requires all of the furnishings and designs to bring the vision into focus, while others bring everything to life with an all-inclusive venue. We interviewed master wedding planners and designers to get the inside secrets. These tips will help you design your wedding venue like a pro.

Staging Your Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces can define the entire wedding venue. Whether you dare to create a dramatic effect or keep it simple, the way you stage your centerpieces will make all the difference. The height of the centerpieces should be properly matched with the size of the tables. If you are working with a larger venue and oversized tables, you should design with larger table décor. Consider tall candelabras with your favorite flowers on top. Flowers bring in color, add texture and are one of the best ways to accent your décor. Flowers can be placed in vases, between candles, inside of lanterns and integrated in table runners. If you want to create a rustic vibe, use wood and natural finishes and textures. If you want to create an elegant look, use polished metals, glass and clear acrylic.

Wedding Venue

Sweetheart Table in the Wedding Venue

Your sweetheart table will be a focal point in the wedding venue. With every toast and speech, a camera will be nearby to capture the bride and groom at their table. Use high back throne chairs and a rectangular table to set this special seating apart from the rest in the room. The sweetheart table should be placed on a small platform or placed beneath a decorative arch with a backdrop. It is very important to follow the theme and decorate this space elaborately, while avoiding large centerpieces that will block the view of the bride and groom. Planners suggest avoiding tall vases and candelabras on the sweetheart table to create a clear shot for wedding photography.

Wedding Venue

Setting the Tables in the Wedding Venue

Setting the tables in the wedding venue requires tables, chairs, table décor, linens, chair sashes, table cards and chinaware. If you are designing a rustic wedding, you should use natural elements, such as garland and vine table runners, lanterns, candles and wooden pieces. If you want to create an elegant space, you should use transparent pieces and polished metals, such as an acrylic candelabra or a gold colored vase. The chair sashes should be coordinated to match the table linens. The table runner should always contrast your tablecloth and can be paired with an overlay.

The Chinaware

You will need to set a table for a full three course meal and make decisions about your charger plates, chinaware, napkins and napkin rings. Your charger plates will frame the cloth napkins. Choose a napkin ring to match the charger plate and theme. You might choose a wooden charger plate with a wooden napkin ring for a rustic wedding or a silver charger plate with a silver napkin ring for a more elegant affair. Remember, the china is part of the design and must be coordinated to match the table.

Wedding Venue

Ceremony Space in the Wedding Venue

The ceremony space is one of the most important spaces in the wedding venue. You should have a well defined aisle with chairs and décor. Depending on your theme and the atmosphere you want to achieve, you could line your aisle with lanterns, vases filled with water and floating candles or oversized candelabras. Chair sashes are the best way to dress up the seating and get creative with your designs. Everything from color and fabric to the way you tie the fabric to the chair will make the difference in the look. The wedding arch and the backdrop are important for the theme and the wedding photography. Rose petals on the aisle are the perfect touch of romance.

Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda is an all-inclusive wedding venue that bundles the venue, furnishings, décor and staff services into one affordable package to design a fairy tale. Master designers customize the ceremony space and reception hall to match your vision. Bring imagination to the design studio and hand select your flowers, centerpieces, linens and every detail of your dream wedding. Every event includes an impressive bartender service, banquet staff and fine china for a full three course meal. Crystal Ballroom designs luxurious events and creates unforgettable moments.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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