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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

The Best Way to Live Stream a Wedding

Live Stream a Wedding

Not every VIP will be able to attend your wedding, but they should be able to experience the magic as the moment happens with a live stream of your wedding day. A common misconception is videography and a live stream are the same. There are some important differences that could create sacrifice, if not properly realized. Every important person should be able to celebrate and experience the moments in the moment from every angle as if they were there. This brings us to a popular question. What is the best way to live stream a wedding? Keep reading and we will reveal the secret to live streaming.

Capturing Your Moments

Live stream is about capturing your moments in real time for those special people that could not celebrate in person. To create the immersive experience that creates a feeling of inclusion requires several cameras from different angles to capture and stream a quality live feed. It captures the memory of your fairy tale with a full-length unedited video. It is a journalistic style that steals close-up candid moments and the entire experience from every angle in the room.

Live Stream a Wedding

Nothing Like Videography

Some videographers might have a live stream service, but it is important to realize that videography is unlike a live stream of your wedding. A live stream sends a live feed from multiple angles over an internet connection. It utilizes several robotic cameras that switch between each other and zoom into capture the important moments. Professional audio equipment is also utilized. It is a real time broadcast of your event with superior quality. The live stream can be embedded on a wedding website or the website of the live stream service. This creates a private platform for your unedited and intimate moments. The unedited video can be downloaded to create a cinematic production, but the purpose is very different from videography.

Videography is an art form. It is not focused on a reporter style documentation of every important angle that can be shared over a live stream for those that could not attend your wedding. Videography has intentions to create a dramatic and cinematic production that evokes emotion. It captures certain angles for editing, which usually includes adjusting speed, cinematic transitions, effects, overlays of music and segments of audio from important speeches in the process of creating a piece of art.

Live Stream a Wedding

Live Stream a Wedding with Professionals

Live streaming is a trending technology that utilizes internet enabled devices for viewing and sharing video in real time. You might be familiar with some amateur live streaming applications, such as Facebook Live and Instagram Live, which are intended for the amateur user to live stream their content on a social media platform. There are a few reasons you should live stream a wedding with professionals, rather than having your guests in attendance utilize amateur skills on mobile devices.

Professional services will be able to capture the moment as it is created and share it with viewers with the latest technology that your moments deserve. Professional sound equipment is strategically placed in different positions within the venue to properly capture those magical readings and unforgettable speeches with quality that creates a feeling of presence. Robotic cameras are placed throughout the wedding venue and on overhead jigging to capture angles that will not have the back of another head in the way. The quality will be superior to a Facebook live and a jerky handheld device that captures everying from a distance. Beyond the sound and video quality, you will enable those special guests in attendance to enjoy the moment, instead of having to focus on recording the details. Live stream a wedding with professionals to truly share the experience.

Live Stream a Wedding

Live Stream a Wedding at Crystal Ballroom

Create a fairy tale with Crystal Ballroom at Veranda and live stream a wedding with the professionals. Consultations are integral to capturing your magical day, and ensuring every moment is delivered to viewers as if they were in the same room when the moments were made. Crystal Ballroom designers and planners design your wedding day according to your imagination, and professional live stream services share the fairy tale. Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom and discover a picturesque wedding venue and professional live stream services.


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