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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Same Sex Wedding Planning

Same Sex Wedding Planning

If you're dreaming of a magical venue tailored to your unique same-sex wedding, consider the Crystal Ballroom at Veranda. Planning a wedding is a significant endeavor, one best approached with a team of professional planners, designers, and vendors who are knowledgeable about various customs and rituals and can create a celebration that reflects your unique relationship. At the Crystal Ballroom, you'll collaborate with a skilled design team to craft a bespoke event from the ground up. Draw inspiration from the best sources, snuggle up with your partner, and explore these tips for planning your same-sex wedding.

Starting Your Same-Sex Wedding Planning with a Vision

Planning a same-sex wedding shares many similarities with planning a traditional wedding, but it should also celebrate the unique aspects of your relationship. In contrast to traditional weddings, which often prioritize the bride's preferences, a same-sex wedding typically involves more balance and shared decision-making. This day belongs to both of you equally.

Every wedding starts with a shared vision. You and your partner might have different ideas about what your wedding should look like. It’s crucial to discuss these ideas together and find a compromise that ensures the day is equally magical for both of you. Perhaps one of you imagines a day filled with crystals and elegance, while the other prefers a more rustic vibe. Merging these visions will set the tone for your event. Decide on your thematic elements and colors—whether to showcase a rainbow palette or incorporate pride more subtly. Consider your attire; whether you both choose tuxes, gowns, or a combination that complements each other, your wedding clothes should harmonize beautifully. Share your ideas for the overall theme and colors, blending them into a cohesive vision. Discover inspiration for your same-sex wedding at the Crystal Ballroom at Veranda, where every detail is meticulously designed to create the perfect setting for your union.

Same Sex Wedding Planning

Setting Your Wedding Budget

The journey of wedding planning starts with establishing your budget. Knowing how much you can spend is crucial for managing expenses across all aspects of your wedding, from the venue to catering and entertainment. While the budget plays a significant role in decision-making, it shouldn't dampen your dreams or necessitate sacrifices. Wedding budgets vary widely, and many couples now finance their own celebrations. Even with family contributions, weddings can be costly, with the average wedding in the United States costing just over $30,000. However, not everyone has that kind of budget. Fortunately, a smaller budget does not mean you have to compromise on the quality of your celebration, especially at an all-inclusive venue like the Crystal Ballroom, where we can help you maximize your resources and plan a luxurious wedding.

Planning a Same-Sex Wedding with the Wedding Party

Like traditional weddings, same-sex weddings often include a wedding party, but the structure can vary to better suit your personal vision. Traditional roles include a maid of honor, bridesmaids, a best man, groomsmen, ushers, and the parents of the bride and groom. Children may also participate as flower girls, page boys, or ring bearers. However, your wedding doesn't need to adhere to these conventional formats. You might choose to have bridesmaids, groomsmen, or both on either side. It's important to determine your wedding party early on, selecting friends and family who will support you throughout the process of planning your same-sex wedding. Ensure that your wedding party is composed exclusively of those who will positively contribute to your journey.

Same Sex Wedding Planning

Delegate Responsibilities

While many of us prefer to maintain control over every detail of our wedding planning, it’s beneficial to delegate certain tasks. After mapping out the overall plan and making key decisions, entrust some of the smaller tasks to your friends and family in the wedding party. Remember, they are there to assist with running errands and handling various duties—responsibilities they accepted when they agreed to be part of your special day. Delegating will help reduce stress from the minutiae and allow you to focus on the broader, more significant aspects of your wedding preparation.

Choosing the Venue for Same-Sex Wedding Planning

While there may be numerous venues that nearly fit the bill, only one will truly capture the essence of what you’ve envisioned for your wedding day. You’ve likely dreamed of every detail: from a string quartet setting the scene, to a lavish ceremony space adorned with crystal chandeliers and tables decorated with an abundance of flowers. Although the vision is clear in your mind, the right venue is key to bringing it to life. The location of your venue is crucial—it should be meaningful and significant to you and your partner. Unlike many venues that offer limited services or merely provide the space, the Crystal Ballroom at Veranda stands out as an all-inclusive venue. Our in-house design team offers nearly unlimited décor options, elevating your wedding beyond the conventional. We provide comprehensive services including banquet staff, bar services, food management, and coordination on the day of the event. At the Crystal Ballroom, we have specialists dedicated to same-sex wedding planning, ensuring that every aspect of your celebration is flawlessly executed according to your dreams.

Same Sex Wedding Planning

Wedding Team for Same-Sex Wedding Planning

Assembling the right wedding team is crucial for orchestrating the same-sex wedding of your dreams. The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda simplifies this process by offering a comprehensive solution to build your entire wedding team under one roof. Our preferred vendor list features the top professionals in the industry, helping you make valuable connections that will save you both time and money. Finding vendors who offer specialized services and understand the nuances of same-sex wedding planning can be a daunting task. However, when you choose to plan with Crystal Ballroom, you gain access to a diverse array of professionals including officiants, wedding cake designers, caterers, photographers, DJs, florists, and hair and makeup artists. This rich pool of talent enables you to craft a wedding that feels like it's straight out of a fairy tale. With Crystal Ballroom, the collaboration among our vendors ensures that planning your same-sex wedding is a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Same Sex Wedding Planning

Wedding Attire

Your wedding attire should be a canvas for your creativity, offering a chance to express your personality and carry the theme of your wedding day. Choosing what to wear is a pivotal aspect of your wedding planning. Ensure you allow ample time to select the ideal outfits that resonate with both you and your partner’s style. Consider if you want to have matching outfits or distinct looks that complement each other. It's important to discuss these choices with your partner to align your visions as you plan your same-sex wedding. Some couples opt to subtly incorporate rainbow elements into their attire, such as in bouquets or socks.


Your wedding invitations are more than just notices; they are a reflection of your wedding's theme and a preview of what guests can expect on your special day. Plan to design and order your invitations around five to six months before your wedding to ensure they align perfectly with your theme. Send out the invitations about two months before the event and set a RSVP deadline of three weeks before the wedding. Be sure to include all essential information, such as the dress code and whether children are invited to attend.

Same Sex Wedding Planning

Celebrating Same-Sex Wedding Planning

Same-sex wedding planning is an occasion to celebrate much more than just the upcoming event. It's a time to honor your love, the support of those around you, and the legal rights that affirm it. Once the planning is complete, the celebrations begin. You and your partner will participate in several important pre-wedding events, including the rehearsal dinner, a mock table setting, and the bachelorette or bachelor party. Embrace these moments of joy and celebration throughout your journey. The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda is here to support you every step of the way in planning these joyful occasions.


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