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Romantic Ways to Propose

You are staring at that box in hand and nervously pondering over the ways to ask the big question. You want a responsive “yes” in a perfect moment created with all the sentimental ways possible. What you really want to know is how to make it something romantic. This is a little cheat guide to some romantic ways to propose, and some advice to guide you away from ways that cheat the moment.

Romantic Ways to Propose with a Shyness Factor

When you ask someone to take your hand in marriage, it is about your partner. Whether you like it or not, it is not about you. You are asking this other human to be your life partner. You take a leap of faith, and risk rejection and the flood of feelings that encompass it just to ask. Their response depends on how they feel and what they want in their life, and has nothing to do with how you feel. Maybe your own feelings got you this far and down on one knee, but their feelings will ultimately seal the deal.

Since this moment is about the other person, consider their feelings and personality. If you are extremely shy, but you imagine they would want you shouting this question from the rooftops and before the town square, then the rooftops it is. If you are an extrovert and they are socially awkward, something low-key will have to do. When shyness is a factor, it can be difficult. No matter how you feel, you must remember this moment is about the other person and their feelings, if you are striving for romantic ways to propose.

A Private Setting

After you get past the awkward shyness factor, and determine you are planning something a little private, you need romantic ways to propose in a private setting. Smaller settings make more intimate experiences. If you are excluding a crowd, here are some romantic ways to propose in a private setting, and some private ways to avoid.

Romantic Ways to Propose on a Date

Breakfast in bed on a tray decorated with flowers and the open box encasing the ring seems like one of the many romantic ways to propose, but it actually sidesteps the event. Instead, consider spending a romantic date that might begin with breakfast in bed and end at a table decorated with roses and candles. Camping or backyard decks beneath a starry moonlit sky make perfect moments. It is only okay to pass messages and hide rings in a place for them to find it when you are present to get down on a bent knee and follow through with the question from your own lips.

Romantic Ways to Propose Involve Action

When you ask for a hand in marriage, stand up, look them in the eyes, take them by their hand, and gracefully drop to one knee while making eye contact. Reveal the open box or grasp the ring between your fingers, but hold it up as a token to offer them. Speak up with sincerity and ask this beautiful person the question you are dying to ask. Whether you recite a poem, say something funny that has some special meaning within your relationship or simply ask the question, make sure you ask the question with sincerity in your voice.

It’s About the Way You Do It

Romantic ways to propose do not always involve romantic dining. A chartered boat, a picnic on the beach, a stroll through your favorite park or a small waterfall provides a tranquil setting to create romance and a space to ask the big question. A Christmas proposal is definitely romantic and completely unforgettable. Remember that it isn’t always about the location; however, it is always about the way you do it.

Romantic Ways to Propose in a Public Setting

If personality calls for big occasions, then the romantic ways to propose will most definitely involve a celebration, and might involve family, friends, microphones, speeches and a special toast to the one you love. This probably does not mean a loud club or bar. Think romance, which involves candles, red long-stem roses, and a special place for the gathering. It could be a dinner in a restaurant, a special vacation or a cruise ship, but it will be something less private. There is something romantic about publicly professing your love, if the other person is not shy.

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