Gourmet Crepes Cafe & Catering

Experience finer dining with the gourmet taste of French inspired cuisine, created by the artistry of a classically trained French chef with Caribbean roots. Deliver a diverse and exquisite palate pleasing food experience to your guests and bring flavor to your elegant table with Gourmet Crepes Cafe & Catering.

Gourmet Catering at Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Gourmet Crepes Cafe & Catering serves excellence and elegance in every dish. The passion for service, love for food, and the pleasure of delivering an authentic and culturally rich cuisine creates an unforgettable experience on your magical day. Enjoy the finest and freshest ingredients cooked to absolute perfection. Gourmet Crepes Cafe & Catering is central Florida’s premier caterer of gourmet culinary dishes. Create lasting impressions and tour the globe with fine dishes from America, France, Italy, Latin America, the Caribbean and more.

Meet the Chef

Meet the classically trained French chef, Jean Estinfort, and discover the influences that make your dining experience so unique at Crystal Ballroom at Veranda. Formal training and education at a prestigious culinary school in France assures the authenticity of your cultural food experience from around the globe. Travels from Europe, the islands and the deep south, and taking something away from every experience along the way infuses a unique flavor into every bite. Serve the finest on your most momentous occasions with Gourmet Crepes Cafe & Catering.

Catering Experience

Indulge in a masterpiece crafted by the culinary artist, Chef Jean, at Gourmet Crepes Cafe & Catering. Deliver an authentic and unforgettable cuisine to your Crystal Ballroom at Veranda celebration. The catering portion of your wedding planning process is effortless with an intimate and personalized experience, where you always get to speak directly with the chef. Our hands-on approach to building your customized table of cuisine creates a unique catering experience.

A Sample of the Menu

Slow Cooked Pork Tenderloin

Serve a delectable slow cooked pork tenderloin slathered in Dijon and honey mustard sauce and served with seasoned green beans.

Baked Italian Meatballs

Whether cocktail hour delight or appetizer, compliment the elegance of the table with a seasoned and baked Italian meatball. The robust flavor of an oven-baked dish, seasoned with garlic, onions, parsley and Italian seasoning, and generously drizzled with marinara sauce is a mouthwatering dish your guests will never forget.

Seasoned Roasted Top Round

Serve delicious top round beef marinated and seasoned with herbs and homemade steak rub. Impress your guests with a mouthwatering entree that is slowly cooked to perfection.

Herb Rubbed Salmon

If you are considering impressing guests with a fine seafood dish, serve the flavorful herb rubbed salmon in garlic, special seasoning and herbs for an unforgettable mouthwatering flavor.

Schedule a Consultation

Contact Gourmet Crepes Cafe & Catering to schedule your consultation and tasting. Choose three appetizers, two entrees and three side items from the online menu to customize your tasting. You will plan your dining experience one-on-one with master chef, Jean Estinfort. We deliver a culturally diverse cuisine with the inspiration of France, the infusion of a rich Caribbean flair and so much more.

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