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Getting Married and Paperwork

Getting Married

There can be a little paperwork involved in getting married, including a marriage license, name change, agreements and insurance. Paperwork has work in the name, which can make the thought of it a task in itself. We are sharing some tips to make getting married a lot less work.

A License for Getting Married

Not every couple requires a marriage license. Some couples plan commitment ceremonies that take the the paperwork out of the scenario. However, most couples want the paperwork. If you want a marriage license in Florida, you can start the application process online before arriving at the courthouse, but the process usually involves a trip to court. If you decide to go through the steps in-person, make a date out of the experience. If you want to save time and avoid standing in line at the courthouse, you might want to find an officiant that can obtain your license by mail. Not every officiant is designated as a coordinator with permission to obtain a license by mail. If you are interested in this simplified process, take the time to find a qualified officiant that meets your needs.

Getting Married

Changing Your Name

Culture and personal preference will make the decision about whether you change your name. Not everyone wants to give up their identity, while others see it as an honor. Some couples choose to hyphenate their last names. If you decide to change your name, there will be a little paperwork involved in the process. You must be married and have a copy of your marriage license in hand when you visit the Social Security office and Department of Motor Vehicles. As soon as you change your name, you will discover many other places that need the update. This can become overwhelming and frustrating, if not organized properly. Before you run all over town, review websites online and obtain a list of all of the required documents so that you are prepared when you arrive. Make an appointment online, if possible. You will need to update your passport information, car registration, car insurance, titles, deeds and banking information. The process can take time. The best advice is to take time, do things in order, and go through the process together. Make it a fun experience that you do together. Include lunch dates and selfies. Make it fun, and it will seem a lot less like work.

Getting Married with Agreements

Prenuptial agreements have a bad ring for most that sounds too much like a lack of trust. Once better understood, all the stigmas fade. Depending on your culture and religion, this concept might already be part of your customs. In colonial times, prenuptial agreements protected widows and their property when getting married again. Islamic marriage contracts include everything from a dowry to all the rules that apply after marriage. There are many reasons why couples choose to create more paperwork, but it is always about coming together to make agreements about everything you decide together as a couple before you enter the marriage. Since marriage can be a legal arrangement, it makes sense that couples would want to make decisions about that arrangement as partners entering into it. It is recommended that you always consult with an attorney about all legal decisions, before you make them. Most couples do not put all their agreements on paper before getting married, so if you decide to forego the paperwork, you are not alone.

Getting Married

A Little Insurance for Big Things

Getting married usually involves some insurance. It is definitely recommended. As soon as you get engaged, you should consider insuring your ring. When you book your venue, you should insure your wedding day with event insurance. Your wedding venue will probably recommend the best event insurance and assist you with process to make it easier. After getting married, you might want to purchase life insurance as an investment for the future. If you already have life insurance, you might consider changing your beneficiary, depending on your future plan.

Getting Married

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

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