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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Everything from the Engagement to the Venue

‘Tis the season for mistletoe, romantic moments and the perfect proposal. Whether your true love thought up a clever twelve days to Christmas plan or got down on one knee at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day, the perfect engagement deserves the perfect celebration. Everything from the engagement party to the magical wedding venue are probably on your mind. How does one make an engagement completely unforgettable and the wedding an absolute fairy tale? These tips should help you plan everything from the engagement to the venue.

Engagement Traditions

While we rarely follow tradition, and most of us struggle to do something never done before, tradition is always a good place to start when planning. Traditionally, a couple announces their engagement. The bride’s parents usually host an engagement party. Sometimes couples throw their own engagement party. When parents are divorced, couples might attend separate events to celebrate the same occasion. You might choose to celebrate with family and friends separately. The engagement party is an important event that should be planned within two months after the engagement. If you are planning on a longer engagement, it is acceptable to delay the festivities.


The anticipated grandeur of the celebration will influence the invitations. Much like wedding invitations, if you are considering a theme, your invitations will usually match the idea and portray your theme. A backyard barbecue will forego the foil and lace for something playful. The scale of the party and the atmosphere will make many decisions about your invitations. Email invitations are completely acceptable; however, formal print invitations remain popular and follow tradition. While you will not invite every wedding guest to the engagement party, all the guests that attend your engagement party will expect an invitation to the wedding. Do not forget to add the dress code to the invitations.

Choosing the Engagement Party Venue

An engagement party is usually smaller and less elaborate than the grand wedding event. The venue can be anywhere on the spectrum from an elegant garden to formal ballroom. Most engagement parties are formal affairs that involve service of a fine cuisine and alcoholic beverages. Some couples choose to only serve appetizers, beverages and an engagement cake. An all-inclusive event venue can create an affordable and unforgettable celebration by bundling the venue, furnishings, décor, banquet staff and bartender into one package.

The Wedding Venue

After the engagement and unforgettable celebration, the first step to planning the wedding is to find a fairy tale wedding venue. Crystal Ballroom at Veranda is an all-inclusive wedding and event venue with a dedicated design team to create a unique and elegant engagement party, and the fairy tale wedding of your dreams. Plan your celebration with in-house designers, planners, food managers, and connect with vendors to make your magical moment everything it should be. Consult with the designers to plan your dream event, from the colors and fabrics to the flowers and centerpieces.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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