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The Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

Dapper Wedding Attire

Wedding Attire

Whether altar or arbor, you will meet your true love before the world to publicly declare your relationship as husband and wife. What will you wear? Some grooms prefer a stylish suit, while others seek to expand the fashion bounds with a stylish tuxedo that is fitted to impress. Your personality will ultimately be the factor that creates your fashion statement, but these tips will help you choose your dapper wedding attire to match the atmosphere of your ceremony.

Wedding Attire

Casual Wedding Attire

Not every groom wears a formal suit and tie. Your theme, the atmosphere of the ceremony and the bride’s attire will guide you in your choice. Having a casual wedding is an opportunity to achieve a touch of rustic while pulling off that dapper wedding attire. The little touches added to your wedding attire can be essential to the look.

Wedding Attire

In the absence of a formal jacket, consider a dress shirt with a vest instead. Accent your cuffs with cufflinks. Get creative with metals or a rustic wood. Go with a tie or without, but wear the boutonniere to match your bride. While the beach might call for a simple loafer, country rustic themes approve polished cowboy boots and matching hats. Incorporate tweed fabric into your ensemble of wedding attire. For an even more casual look, snap up some suspenders to match the vibe. Your wedding attire should always match the setting of your wedding.

Formal Wedding Attire

Suits can be dressed up or down, depending on your vest, belt, tie, socks and shoes. Whether you have a two piece suit or three, get creative with your accessories to match your theme, atmosphere and your wedding attire. Consider matching your bow tie to the wedding colors. The groom’s wedding attire should always compliment the bride’s.

Wedding Attire

What makes a tux a tux? Satin lapels, satin covered buttons and satin stripes provide the little details that dress up a tux and make it what it is. You won’t find a belt loop with a tux. Bring out that bow tie and the bling with cuff links to complement this wedding attire. While a tuxedo is usually reserved for black tie affairs, a tuxedo does not need to be an all black affair. A black tux is timeless wedding attire that complements everything in a formal wedding. Bring the style with your lapels with shawl style, notch style or peak. Never fear color, as long as it compliments your bride. Be bold with a bright blue tux or go charcoal with a bright blue bow tie. The most obvious way to add color to your tux is with the shirt and tie.

Wedding Attire

Wedding Attire Accessories

Accent your tux with a cummerbund. Snap on some stylish suspenders or a matching belt. Coordinate a little color with a pocket square handkerchief. Bejewel your cuffs with cufflinks. Be daring and bring in some patterns with your tie. Most of us keep our socks hidden, but carry your pattern, theme and color to your socks for the chance they make a presentation.

Crystal Ballroom at Veranda

If you need help coordinating your dapper wedding attire with your wedding theme and design, contact Crystal Ballroom at Veranda. Crystal Ballroom is the finest at the art of designing and staging weddings. The themes are as limitless as imagination. Bring your imagination to Crystal Ballroom at Veranda for the wedding of your dreams.


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